The 32-layer chocolate cake at Silo is Kansas City’s most imposing dessert

Silo Kansas City 32-layer Cake

Chocolate Skyscaper

I don’t know what the 32-layer cake at Silo Modern Farmhouse (17501 W. 87th St., Lenexa, Kan., 913-278-0910, looks like before kitchen staff cut into it, but when this beast of a dessert arrived at our table, I feared for the human that had to do the slicing. The signature dessert at Lenexa’s newest upscale restaurant sits on the plate like a dense and daunting brick — though, to be fair, the layers are crepe-thin, and the cake itself stood, oh, a mere 6 inches or so. Layers alternate between chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and Amarena cherry chocolate sauce, and there’s also a dollop of fresh whipped cream and more chocolate on the side, obviously. Looks aside, every bite of this chocolate bomb is utterly decadent — not too sweet and surprisingly light. The server will tell you that the cake is designed to resemble the old grain silo in front of the restaurant, but I feel like it’s a better replica of Nakatomi Plaza and is equally fantastical. At any moment, I fully expect a brawny, youthful Bruce Willis to swing from a cable and high-kick me into the chocolate coma I signed up for when I pointed my finger to this item
on the dessert menu.

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