What readers had to say about our ‘freaking harsh’ review of Brookside’s Plate

Plate Review

Our September issue featured a review of Brookside’s “Italiano Moderno” restaurant Plate, which reopened in an opulent new space following a devastating fire. Restaurant critic Natalie Gallagher found the new location “fraught with missteps, inconsistencies and, at times, painfully bad cooking.” She faulted interior design that resembles “an industrial storage facility dressed up for a black-tie fundraiser” and found that, while dishes were “elaborate and good-looking… there’s a fine line between haute cuisine and hot mess.”

The review noted that Plate serves the most expensive pasta in town, but the tiny portions found dishes like the $26 pasta with shaves of black truffle “inedible” by virtue of its “grainy mixture of pureed braised rabbit and oyster mushrooms crammed into four rubbery cappellacci dumplings.”

Here’s what readers had to say:

I agree with everything in the article. With the amount we paid for dinner, we left thinking we should have gone to Novel Restaurant or Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room. The pork in the pappardelle was mushy, and everything under seasoned. Still not sure why hip-hop music was playing in the background for the tone the restaurant is trying to establish. To us, Plate is another hipster restaurant with no vision and a menu that tried to be more trendy then actually delicious. —Chris Fisher

One-hundred percent agree. It’s not anything special, is a bit pretentious, small portions and is very expensive. Decor very disappointing. —Stacy Glazer

Thanks for such a helpful, insightful review. —Andrea Broomfield

Went for lunch. Had a really good pork chop. I loved the food in the old restaurant and the new one’s food, from what I had, was excellent. I thought the place didn’t fit in with its east Brookside location, though. It felt like an over-the top-restaurant from Vegas pumping deep house in the middle of the day. It was kinda weird, and the jellyfish on the TVs on the roof just felt odd. I would recommend highly to give their food a go, though. I’ve always enjoyed it, and at the end of the day, the food is 95 percent of what I care about. —Gary Street

That’s a freaking harsh review. The prices seem on point, despite the article making them seem outlandish. I’d like to try it, even though I’m not a fan of goofy names for entrees. —Mary Mura Wagner

I love the new place. Food and service were excellent and I like that it’s bigger with what seems like bigger menu selections. —Scott Weidemeyer

Agree. They need to expand menu and have some better happy hour specials. I’m excited to try out the patio when it’s done. —Holly Bieker

I haven’t made it to the new location yet. I did go a few times at the old spot before the fire and was always happy. Not a huge fan of their valet parking blocking off a lane on 63rd now though. —Brad Isch

Wow, that’s not a great review. I’ve only been to Plate for happy hour and have been pleased with the wine selection and price. I wish they weren’t trying so hard. It would be really nice to have a restaurant at that location that we could go to weekly versus monthly (at best) due to the pricing. —Jennifer LeMasters Gregory

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