What Should You Consider Before Taking CBD?

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Are you tired of the usual medications that make you feel nauseous, agitated and moody? If you are, then take it as your cue to opt-out of these medications and try out the newest medical magic in the market. I am talking about CBD. Wait, take a minute before jumping onto your vehicle and hitting the next medical store to buy a bottle of it and start gobbling. Take a few minutes to read about what you are going to ingest.

What Is CBD Oil?

Short for Cannabidiol, CBD is one of the 113 discovered components of the cannabis plant extract. Antithetical to its famed cousin THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD is non-psychoactive. CBD oil is essentially an oil extract of the cannabis plant and it encompasses high concentrates of CBD. Realizing its numerous health benefits, these are prescribed to patients suffering from depression, chronic pain, tumors, anxiety, sleeplessness, seizures, etc.

What Is The Difference Between Cannabis, Marijuana, And Hemp?

Although used interchangeably, Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp are not the same; however, they are related. Cannabis is the name of a plant family that ideally has three classifications of plants – Sativa, Indica, and ruderails. On the contrary, marijuana and hemp are the derivatives of the cannabis Sativa plant.

Are THC And CBD The Exact Same Thing?

Two out of over 113 known components of the cannabis plant called cannabinoids are the THC and CBD. THC is psychoactive and hence considered illegal in many states because it is known to make its users ‘high’. On the contrary, CBD is proven to have numerous health benefits and is considered a medical miracle.

Is Hemp Oil The Same As CBD Oil?

No, hemp oil is different from CBD oil. The distinction is made from the viewpoint of the part of the cannabis Sativa plant from which the extraction is done. Hemp oil is obtained from the seeds of the plant and is very low in THC concentration. Hence it is used in lotions, soaps, and other everyday items. CBD oil, on the other hand, is extracted from the leaves and remaining parts of the plant. Thus is contains higher THC levels than hemp oil. Due to this reason, CBD is not as readily available as hemp-based products.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil And CBD Isolate – What Is The Difference?

Full spectrum CBD oil means other than THC it also contains other cannabinoids such as CBN (Cannabinol) and CBG (Cannabigerol). CBD isolate means oil which contains only CBD and is isolated from all the other cannabinoids present in the cannabis Sativa plant.

How Else Can I Consume CBD Other Than In The Form Of An Oil?

Other than consuming the CBD in the form of an oil, there are four additional ways to consume it. First is CBD Oil Tinctures. For quick pain relief, patients are advised to put a drop of this under their tongue using dropper that comes along with the product. Second is CBD Topicals. This is the best alternative if the oil isn’t your thing. The third is the CBD Vaporizer. This is ideal for patients who are too prone to smoking. And Fourth is CBD Spray. This alternative is similar to using tinctures minus the oil texture in your mouth. Consumers are advised to spray it under their tongue for instant pain relief.

Are There Any Side Effects Of CBD Which I Should Be Informed Of?

There are no side effects that have been recorded as of today. However, it is advised to start with the lowest dose and then gradually increase it according to your need and pain levels. Also, consider buying products that are genuine when buying CBD online. With the rise in the number of consumers, the number of companies that have started selling this product has increased. Always ensure the authenticity of the buyer before purchasing it online.

How Should I Feel After Consuming CBD?

You will not feel high or different right away especially if this is your first time. The main objective of CBD is to reduce the feeling of pain and discomfort and not bring about an all-new and unique feeling altogether. If you consume it regularly, it will surely enhance your sleep pattern and your mood.

Is The Online Purchase of CBD Legalized?

Since CBD contains more than 3% of THC, it can only be sold in states which have legalized its use. If you are residing in a state where CBD has been legalized, then you can simply walk into an authorized drug store and buy your bottle of CBD. In those states which have not yet legalized the use of CBD, the product is not that easily available.

Considering the health benefits CBD offers, it is best to consume it rather than opting for other medications. However, a doctor’s view is advisable!

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