You have officially lived long enough to see gas dip below $1 per gallon again in KC

It’s official: For the first time in nearly 20 years, the price of a gallon of gasoline has dipped below a dollar.

As, uh, experienced readers will recall, before the September 11 attacks gas was routinely around a buck a gallon.

The terrorist attacks and subsequent Middle East wars changed all that. Accounts of gas prices in the $1.40 per gallon range were notable in the aftermath.

Hurricane Katrina again hammered gas-buyers, as the storm ripped through the Gulf of Mexico’s energy industry, crippling production and sending prices soaring.

By 2008, it was noteable to see gas prices down to $2 per gallon.

The coronavirus pandemic that has seen most of the nation locked down and not driving, combined with an oil war between Russia and Gulf producers led by the Saudis, has seen prices dip dramatically.

(One key difference between this situation and a generation ago: In 2001, this country was an oil importer; until very recently we were an oil exporter with our own robust domestic oil industry.)

As of last week, analysts were predicting prices would fall below a buck a gallon in much of the United States.

Today, that finally happened in KC, as two Phillips 66 stations dropped their price to 99 cents per gallon according to Gas Buddy.

The Phillips 66 stations with gas below a buck are in downtown KCMO, at 201 W 6th St (at Wyandotte Street) and 631 Grand Blvd (at 6th Street).

If you’re really feeling the nostalgia vibes, watch this amazing commercial for the Ford Probe II below.

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