Arrowhead tailgate parties, mapped

Arrowhead tailgating parties, mapped/Staff

The legendary tailgate parties of Arrowhead Stadium are a maze of beer and barbecue. But, if you know where to look you can see distinct groups of people by zone.

Here’s our map of lots with intel from super-tailgaters Lynn “Weirdwolf” Schmidt and John Stoner

Lot C

Raider Willy

Raider Willy is, as his name implies, a fan of the itinerant Raiders franchise. But, says Lynn “Weirdwolf” Schmidt, he’s been coming to Chiefs games “longer than most Chiefs fans.” He married a Chiefs fan, Jody Burns, right there in the lot. “I was her best man,” Weirdwolf says. 

Lot D 

The Clay County of Arrowhead

“This is kind of the Clay Co Mo of tailgating,” John Stoner says. “Working folks, down to earth, like to crush some beers.”

Lot F

Gray fleece vest zone

Stoner—who works at Cerner—thinks of some of his co-workers when he pictures Lot F on the southwest side of the stadium. “Half the guys are wearing Sperrys and North Face jackets,” he says.

Lot G

SuperChainz and Co. (Northeast)

This party is thrown by 515 Tailgate, an Iowa area code that reflects the crew coming from the Des Moines area. “This is Sam ‘SuperChainz’ Vasquez’s party,” Weirdwolf says. “They throw a heck of a party with multiple tents and jamming music.”

The Outlaw Cigar-Smoking Section (Southwest)

In Lot G you’ll also find a group that met through Outlaw Cigar, a cigar shop and lounge with three locations in south JoCo and the Northland (the North KC location even has its own brewery). “Good older dudes,” Weirdwolf says.

Lot J

Hype Lot

“Lot J is that one friend that’s always hyping up every party like it’s going to be the biggest party in history,” Stoner says. However, the lot does allow campers, which in the depths of winter makes it “a special piece of real estate.”

Lot M


“This is Boardwalk on the Monopoly board,” Stoner says. “That’s where the club-level guys enter—a lot of nice vehicles over there. If you’re going to see a Rolex in the parking lot, it’s going to be over there.”

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