Ask the Expert: Mike Hyer of RockTops Granite & Stone Fabrication

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Mike Hyer started RockTops in 2013. As a general contractor that had used other countertop companies, he recognized their shortfalls in creating a good customer experience. The idea was to offer better material options, more efficient communication, turn-key installations, and ultimately an overall experience! We have grown to 75 employees and have installed over 12,000 jobs in KC and beyond.


Q: What countertops should I buy?

A: Ah – the world’s easiest and hardest countertop question; The easy answer – pick whatever looks good. That’s where a lot of fabricators will steer you. That doesn’t make them bad fabricators – but it does put you in a potentially bad spot – one you may not know you’re in until years down the road. The down-side to just picking what looks good is that you’ll have to live with that pick for as long as you own your home, or as long as you can afford to stand dealing with the downsides of what you picked and things you may not have been warned about like scratching or etching on marble, sun bleaching/discoloration on quartz, natural fissures and inclusions in granite.

Countertops have an alarming amount of things to consider before you purchase; stone types, harness, quartz brands, finish options, features, size limitations, advantages, and disadvantages. Point blank – you need a team of pros to aid in helping you make this decision. A company that top-down takes the time to learn about the materials they choose to include in their offerings and a company that knows what they’re doing.

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