Boulevard’s curbside carryout BINGO rewards you for ordering from your favorite restaurants

We’re raising a glass to Boulevard Brewing Company’s new program to support local businesses.

The KC-based brewery launched its Takeout BINGO program last week, a virtual game where customers are incentivized to support local businesses by undertaking a BINGO card.

To play, customers begin by choosing a neighborhood BINGO card off Boulevard’s website. Each neighborhood card has twenty-four restaurants and a FREE space on it. Participating neighborhoods also include Lawrence and Topeka.

Customers then order carryout or delivery from local restaurants and mark them on the card. When they hit five in a row, they can upload receipts on Takeout BINGO’s Redeem page to claim their prizes to be sent to them, a “This is my quarantine” koolie and ten-dollar promo code for Boulevard merch on their online store.

“Bars and restaurants around the city are about forty percent of what we do,” says David Colgan, on-premise market manager at Boulevard. “So when we look at our customers and how they’re suffering, we try to find a way to drive revenue and keep people frequenting these places. And we wanted it to be fun and interactive.”

Boulevard itself is also offering curbside pickup for beer to-go until the stay-at-home order is over.

Now print your BINGO cards—and may the odds be in your favor.

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