Eat & Drink While You Shop At This New Vintage Boutique

Photo Courtesy Of Hula Hoop

Andrea Marie Boswell-Burns knows what you crave while shopping – retro-themed pastries and craft cocktails. At her new pop-up vintage boutique, Hula Hoop, you can indulge in both these things for an “immersive” shopping experience.

“I love to shop, I love a fancy cocktail and I love a party,” states Boswell-Burns in a press release. “Hula Hoop combines all three and creates a real shopping “experience.””

Hula Hoop (given its name because fashion always comes back around) is a “vintage-inspired, Insta-worthy space” that features a curated collection of vintage and modern fashion, merchandise and accessories.

“Our items come from all over, providing Hula Hoop shoppers with a variety of eras, styles, colors, sizes and price ranges,” states the release. “If you want stylish, fun, out-of-the-ordinary options with quality service and an atmosphere you love, then shop with us.”

Check out our article on where we talked to KC treasure-hunting experts on where and how to find the best vintage.

While Hula Hoop will be permanently housed at 4247 Walnut St., near Ragazza, the shop won’t be open daily. Instead, it’ll operate like a pop-up, open for specific days throughout the year. Keep updated with pop-up dates at the shop’s website or Instagram

The first pop-up at the vintage boutique takes place this weekend from April 19 to April 21. See below for hours.

Friday, April 19th: 5 -10 pm
Saturday, April 20th: 11 – 9 pm
Sunday, April 21st: 12 – 5 pm

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