Enthralled by the exotic animals in Tiger King? Check out this rare species bird store in Raytown

Photo by Kayla Szymanski

If you’re still enthralled by the exotic animals that took the world by storm in the mid-pandemic phenomenon Tiger King, you may be wondering where to find something like that here in Kansas City. Although there’s nothing in the way of big cats at John’s Bird Farm in Raytown, the exotic pet store is certainly something to see.

Owner John Hopkins opened this store at the beginning of March. He started raising birds to sell to other pet stores in 1994 but decided to open his own shop after too many longtime customers started falling off.

Although the store has plenty of small mammals like ferrets, mice and bunnies, John’s Bird Farm’s focus is mainly on birds—more than a dozen rare species with plans for expansion in the future. This list includes some of the most stunning species in the world such as Mustache Parrots and White Indian Ringnecks. Hopkins even has a Great Green Macaw, an animal that is currently on the endangered species list, for sale for four thousand dollars. There are also exotic reptiles like the Orange Glow Sunfire Tiger Retic Python.

Remember though, these animals aren’t just trendy accessories for people to buy on a whim. These are particular animals with particular requirements, and Hopkins won’t let just anyone walk out the door without explaining what they’re getting into.

“I can spend anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour talking with someone before I let them leave, just so I know that they’re serious about the responsibility,” Hopkins says.

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