Here’s when to start the process of applying to private school

If you’re looking to send your child to private school, there are a few factors to consider, from budget to teaching philosophies to student-to-teacher ratio. Below is a q handbook has all the tools you need to get started on your private-school journey.

Timeline For Applying To A Private School

Finding the right private school for your child can be tricky. Below is a timeline to help you better understand the process and how to prepare for private school. While every institution is differet, this is a standard guide for your benefit.

Summer-8th Grade

•Research. Figure out what size, location, values, etc. you are looking for in a school.

• Develop a list of schools that interest you.


• Contact the schools for admissions and finacial information.

• Register for any required standardized tests.

• Mark calendar for any admissions and finacial aid deadlines

• Prepare forms needed for applications, like recommedation letters.

• Call the school to arrange individual or group tours, interviews and a shadow day.


• Finalize the list of schools you are going to apply to.

• Take any admissions tests needed.

• Visit open houses and school fairs, and go to scheduled tours.

• Attend your shadow day (typically schools prefer to only have shadow days in the fall).


• Watch for admissions events, tours and application deadlines.

• Work on application (complete by deadline).

• Communicate with admissions and anyone with background on the process.


• Request transcripts at the end of the semester.

• Watch for deadlines and complete applications: most applications are due at the end of the year (some even earlier for early decision).


•Don’t miss deadlines! During this time, it is critical to pay attention to due dates and turn in all materials.


• Visit schools, participate in a shadow day, or attend admissions events if you haven’t already.

• Continue to research and prepare to pick one school if accepted.


• Expect school and financial decisions beginning in mid-March.

• If your student has been excepted by one or more schools, narrow down preferences and prepare to make a final decision.


•Sign enrollment contracts and deposits.


•Attend new parent and student events and begin to get to know the families and faculty of the school.

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