Here’s where to get the best cheesy corn in Kansas City

Nothing pairs better with smokey and zesty barbecue than a creamy and milky side dish. These cheesy corn favorites check all the boxes of what we’re looking for in the Kansas City-created side platter.

Jack Stack

Jack Stack invented cheesy corn, and on our recent tour, we found that it still reigns supreme. The combination of cream cheese, sharp cheddar, two-percent milk and diamond-cut studs of smoked ham makes for silky spoonfuls of heaven.

Woodyard BBQ

If there’s an argument for nacho cheese, it’s at the bottom of a container of Woodyard’s cheesy corn. That neon queso combines with sour cream, black pepper and corn for a lightly spiced side that’ll take you by surprise.

Smokehouse BBQ

Smokehouse is a close imitator of Jack Stack: There’s cream cheese, cheddar cheese and ham. The ham chunks here have more girth, which we love.

Char Bar

Char Bar uses Velveeta in its jalapeno cheesy corn, and you know what? It works, hand on the Bible. The sofrito (with several chilis and other peppers) is combined into this extra-thick bake.

Slap’s BBQ

Once you’re done eating the corn kernels out of the cheesy corn cup at SLAP’s, you’ll likely be left with some of that sauce — a faithful combination of cream cheese, cheddar and milk. Take that pale, satiny goodness and pour it right over your brisket. Enjoy.

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