How to park for free at Kansas City Royals games thanks to a righteous church

In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul teaches us not to let corrupting talk come from our mouths and to instead use our words to build others up, giving grace to those who hear.

And so we will speak not of the Kansas City Royals twenty-dollar parking fee. We’ll instead lift up the brothers and sisters of Destiny Life Center Ministries across the street.

This righteous and Godly flock leaves the gate to their church parking lot open on game days. You are welcome to park, for free, and walk across the road to the K.

“It’s been a blessing to us, and we want it to be a blessing to others,” says Senior Pastor Cynthia Kivett. “We want people to be able to go to the game and enjoy time with their families.”Destiny Life Center Ministries, which celebrates twenty-five years this month, has a focus on life coaching, Kivett says. “We definitely share the good news of Jesus Christ, but as part of that, we are all about empowering people, bettering them and helping them take control of their lives. It’s just an open, friendly, welcoming fellowship.

“We’re big on wanting to build up those desolate places, places where there’s been lack,” she says. “We can teach you to fish, true that, but we want to teach people not just to be fishermen, but to own the doggone pond.”

Note that while Royals parking is free, parking for Chiefs games is twenty bucks, which is used for outreach ministry, such as feeding the homeless. And also note that if there are problems at Royals games, they may have to end the practice. “If there is vandalism going on, we will probably have to close the gate, but for now we do it to bless people,” Kivett says.

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