It’s All Gravy: A roundup of Kansas City’s best biscuits and gravy dishes.

Photography by Caleb Condit & Rebecca Norden.

Not long ago, the standard American diet called breakfast “the most important meal of the day.” It was, according to dieticians and grandmothers, in our best interest to jump-start our morning with a sufficient calorie intake to maintain energy throughout our busy days.

However, as the West’s modern dietary practices are continually being reevaluated, research is starting to suggest a morning mealtime is more important than any other. 

I imagine the dish that inspired the debate about breakfast’s importance is probably the indulgent, yet classic meal of biscuits smothered with gravy. Whether the meal was a treat that dad would whip up Christmas morning or you found yourself ordering it at your grandma’s favorite diner, it can be agreed that the hearty Southern dish doesn’t usually inspire a 5K run once devoured. 

KC’s B&G scene offers significant variety, from your white-tablecloth brunch platter with fresh cut chives and homemade sausage to the strip mall diner where the gravy mingles with a side of greasy, golden hash browns, giving it that extra touch of Southern love.

District Biskuits

504 Armour Road, North Kansas

Photography by Caleb Condit & Rebecca Norden.

This fast casual biscuit-focused restaurant based in the Northland is not to be slept on. The menu features several biscuit sandwiches, though the Biskuits and Gravy remain a staple. They’re elevated with caramelized onions and a touch of heat from red pepper seasoning. The sweet diced onions provide a beautiful contrast to the homemade biscuits that Chef Guroux has been perfecting over the last fifteen years.

Niecie’s Restaurant

6441 Troost Ave., KCMO,

Photography by Caleb Condit & Rebecca Norden.

It’s no surprise that the soul food diner listed on our Top 40 Best Restaurants serves an impressive dish of B&G. At first glance, the dish doesn’t stand out from other diners, but one bite in the façade is lifted. Large chunks of hot sausage swim in the savory and perfectly seasoned gravy while the country-style biscuits are tender and fluffy.

The MockingbirD Lounge

204 Orchard St., KCK,

This Strawberry Hill bar and diner spices up the familiar breakfast dish with a heaping spoonful of bright-red chorizo. Chorizo is dolloped onto the bed of creamy sausage gravy and Pillsbury biscuits, adding a bright yet mild dose of flavor to the otherwise classic breakfast dish.


1901 Wyandotte St. and 908 Baltimore Ave., Suite 103,

The biscuit is the star of the show in Mildred’s take on the breakfast classic. It’s a tangy homemade pastry with buttery layers reminiscent of a Pillsbury biscuit busted from the can. The peppery gravy blends harmoniously with it, and the entire dish is served with your choice of crispy bacon or breakfast potatoes.

Black Dog Coffeehouse

12815 W. 87th St. Parkway, Lenexa,

Served only on the weekends, you’ll want to beat the crowds for the B&G made in collaboration with Black Dog’s joint business, Ibis Bakery. The house-made biscuit is crumbly, while the classic white gravy with Wiener Kitchen sausage is delightfully seasoned with fresh sage, pepper, and salt.

Lula Southern Cookhouse

1617 Main St.,

This Crossroads restaurant offers an impressive brunch menu filled with delights such as fried oysters and chicken and waffles. But the biscuits and gravy stand out thanks to their pillowy biscuits with glazed tops that have a taste reminiscent of sweet corn bread. The gravy is bright, and the dish shines with the garnish of chopped chives. 

Happy Gillis 

549 Gillis St., KCMO,

The Columbus Park eatery serves no-frills B&G in its most classic form: soft, tender biscuits drowned with a few ladles of thick gravy. You can choose between sausage or mushroom gravy or have the best of both worlds and get both.

You Say Tomato

2801 Holmes St., KCMO,

This eccentric corner breakfast joint makes their biscuits and gravy entirely from scratch. The biscuits have a crispy outer layer with a fluffy interior, and small chunks of sausage provide gentle bursts of flavor. As at Happy Gillis, you can get the gravy with sausage, earthy mushrooms or both. 

Blue Bird Bistro

1700 Summit St., KCMO,

This Westside bistro’s soft biscuits are the ideal vessel for the herbaceous and savory mushroom gravy. You can dress the dish up as you please: Add an egg, organic bison sausage or Barham Farm pork sausage, or get the vegan version. 


4144 Broadway Blvd., KCMO,

Photography by Caleb Condit & Rebecca Norden.

Granted, Snooze’s breakfast pot pie is not technically B&G, but the essence of the classic dish (a pastry topped with gravy) is still there. The Westport restaurant’s unique spin on the savory breakfast includes a flaky puff pastry bowl filled with house-made rosemary sausage gravy and topped with a sunny-side-up egg. 

Also tried:

Banksia, Town Topic, Neighborhood Cafe, Ronnie’s Restaurant, The Big Biscuit

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