Jewelry designer Georgina Herrera shares her favorite fashion and beauty picks

Local jewelry artist Georgina Herrera’s personality shines bright in her collection characterized by its logo — Herrera’s take on the Mayan culture’s symbol of the sun — which she sneaks into every piece she makes. Herrera grew up in Mexico City with her family, who were in the jewelry business. The vivacious designer moved to Kansas City in 2006, started her own jewelry line in 2010 and has since taken her coveted work to runways across the world. See what the artist has to say about tennis shoes and Christian Dior.

Where do you get inspiration?

I come up with ideas any time, anywhere. My husband laughs at me because sometimes we’ll be at a restaurant and I’ll come up with something and start to make a design with a napkin. But one of my favorite designers is Christian Dior. I would die for Christian Dior.

What is your proudest accomplishment so far?

Calling myself a designer. It’s a huge word that holds a lot of responsibility. Also, bringing my line to New York and Paris fashion weeks.

Are there any rising jewelry trends you’ve got your eye on?

Couture and extremely bold 3D jewelry that almost feels like it’s popping out of your body but is actually very light and wearable.

Where do you like to shop?

Halls, Michael Kors on the Plaza, Nordstrom — especially for shoes — and Alysa Rene Boutique in Park Place.

What’s one trend you wish would just go away?

I feel like we’re losing a sense of sophistication. Sometimes style today is really laid back. For example, a woman wearing a very beautiful dress with tennis shoes. Where is the glamour in that?

Georgina’s Favorite Things:

Where do you like to shop?

1. Herrera’s must-have makeup item is Dior’s eyebrow pencil.

2. “I can’t live without my family and, although it’s a little older, this is my favorite picture of us.”

3.  “I adore these. They’re very trendy right now and are from Michael Kors.”

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