KC photographers tell us how to get the perfect shot

Spring is coming into focus, and that means graduation and wedding season are on the way—along with lots and lots of photos. Whether you’ve got a big event coming up or it’s time to update the family portrait, local photographers have a few hints. Wedding and portrait photographer Erishyll Mae Isidro of Erishyll Mae Photography and wedding photographer Alex Harris of Alexandra Harris Photography give their advice on how people can get their best photograph.

Plan Ahead

“The biggest mistake I see some clients make is choosing to not include their photographer in the planning process of their session,” Harris says. “I try to offer the best client experience I can, and part of that is making an effort to be super communicative with my clients and walk them through the planning process step-by-step. I’ve had a few clients that may have had a very specific vision in their head about what they wanted their shoot to look like and were very rigid in not wanting to sway from that vision at all, but [they] didn’t have the professional experience to take into account how the time of year might affect their chosen location, how the time of day might affect the lighting, how comfortable a certain type of clothing might be and how all of that comes together to create their final images.”

Specific Style

“For some people, the biggest mistake is assuming every photographer can photograph the same,”  Isidro says. “Sometimes clients will misinterpret what ‘photography style’ means and will assume that we are all under the same umbrella and therefore we can change our styles to look like someone else’s. Always look for style first, then what they offer. Quality over quantity.”

Personal Photos

“Pick a photographer whose style and work you love, and trust the process,” Harris says. “Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. A person will know that they’ve gotten the shot if they pay attention to their manual camera settings. I think a successful photo is one that is balanced and has a touch of intimacy—something that creates intrigue and is personal.”

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