Local chocolates to treat your special someone with this Valentine’s Day

According to legend, five centuries ago Aztec emperor Moctezuma consumed copious quantities of chocolate before engaging in, uh, amorous activities. The association between chocolate and love has grown from there. Whether or not you believe in its aphrodisiac qualities, these swoon-worthy creations from local chocolatiers are guaranteed to make your sweetheart smile.



You know Christopher Elbow chocolates: bonbons shaped like precious gems, truffles printed with bold and colorful patterns, addictive caramel-pecan patties covered in dark chocolate ganache and sea salt. But what you might not know is that each Valentine’s Day, Elbow releases limited-edition, hand-painted, heart-shaped versions of his bestselling chocolates, like passion fruit caramel and peanut butter and jelly. Get them wrapped up in a beautiful—and also limited-edition—heart-shaped red box.

guaranteed to make your sweetheart smile.



Keep things thicc this V-Day with fudge from Laura Little in Prairie Village. Choose from nearly two dozen flavors, including marshmallow pecan, German chocolate, vanilla Oreo, mocha, amaretto and chocolate raspberry.



If your darling craves the satisfying crunch of toffee, there’s a new shop in Prairie Village with just the thing. Cedar Street Toffee founder Teresa Spiess has perfected her recipe for buttery toffee filled with whole almonds. Get your toffee with a coating of semi-sweet or dark chocolate and dusted with a superfine powder of crushed walnuts or crushed almonds. There’s a nut-free sea salt toffee, too.



For a different take on truffles, go for a box of brigadeiros. Founded by mother-daughter duo Jessica Harris and Regina Antunes, Olathe-based Sweet Kiss gives center stage to this ubiquitous Brazilian sweet. Made with sweetened condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder and rolled in chocolate sprinkles, these delicately chewy bites will be gone before you can say “be mine.” Try the gamut of flavors that Sweet Kiss offers, including crème brulee, salted caramel, strawberry, pistachio and more.


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Forget the cardboard heart-shaped box. André’s has a variety of edible chocolate boxes that you can fill with their decadent chocolate candies or chocolate-covered almonds. Choose from a red foil-wrapped milk or dark chocolate shell, a nougat box made of caramelized almonds and sugar and rimmed with chocolate, or a Rocher box made with roasted, slivered almonds blended with milk or dark chocolate.


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Three words: Chocolate. Covered. Strawberries. Strawberries have had aphrodisiac status since the height of the Roman empire, when they were considered a symbol of Venus, goddess of love. Find these beautiful babies—coated in milk, dark and white chocolate—at Annedore’s in Westwood Hills. Preorder available.


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Bliss Chocolatier brings sophisticated cocoa creations and fine confections to Blue Springs. Owner Jessica Washburn is a former professional photographer who moved to the area from New York state. Her shop opened in mid-December and sold out twice before Christmas.

She believes that flavor and texture are paramount. Washburn learned to make creations like the love bug and faceted purple heart featured here by taking online chocolate courses and training with pastry chefs around the country. “I always loved food and science,” she says. “I fell in love with the precision, the artistry and the challenge of it.”



The award-winning truffles at Panache are perfectly round and smooth, and there’s no question that they would make a pretty gift for your valentine (particularly the rose and champagne flavor, garnished with pink petals). But let us instead discuss another Panache signature: Chocco Poppo. Salty popcorn is tossed with chunks of milk chocolate, resulting in a truly habit-forming treat.

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