Local woodworker creates unique charcuterie boards

Photography by Caleb Condit & Rebecca Norden.

With the holiday season upon us, festive soirees and dinner parties abound, making the ever-faithful, multi-use cutting boards—or, as those in the know now call it, “charcuterie boards”—even more of a necessity.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or something to show off your mad entertaining skills, a locally handmade, personalized board might just be the way to go. It can serve as a centerpiece artfully stocked with artisanal cheeses, cured meats, fruits or whatever tasty goodies you decide to impress with and then be gifted to the host after—a two-for-one. Much more than an afterthought, a one-of-a-kind board is a thing of beauty and a way to create an imaginative tablescape.

Woodworker Chris Dowdy is one local maker crafting beautiful, bespoke charcuterie boards. What began as a passion project in 2007 in an effort to give friends and family unique holiday gifts has expanded into CHD Wood Design, which won Best in Show the first time Dowdy presented his wares at Art Wesport in 2021.

CHD’s boards range in size, style and model, and because they’re made by hand with varying available wood types, no two boards are alike. Styles range from curly walnut with blue-tinted epoxy to fill in the natural wood crevices to walnut and red oak with checkered and striped patterns. Laser-engraved names and logos are also available. “It’s like giving a homemade card,” Dowdy says. “It just means more.”

So forget the usual store-bought gift and stand out by bringing a beautiful, handmade board with goodies to the next holiday party. —Molly Higgins

To shop for boards,
go to chdwooddesign.com or follow
@chdwooddesign on social media for their pop-ups around KC.

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