Here’s how the new $1.5 billion Kansas City airport terminal stacks up

For years, Kansas Citians have debated the future of their mid-century retro airport.

In February, negotiators finally came to an accord on a $1.5-billion plan for a new KCI terminal. The new terminal, which was promptly approved by the city council, will sit near the site of the old one and piggyback off its existing infrastructure. This followed a round of sometimes heated arguments that featured Kansas City’s mayor telling the city council to “take a chill pill.”

Here’s a look at the current airport situation, by the numbers.


Year the Kansas City airport opened in its current form. The Godfather was in theaters and Don MClean’s “American Pie” was topping charts.


Year the new terminal is expected to open


Flights into and out of KCI in 2018


Number of times a plane hit a bird at the Kansas City airport in 2018 — the highest rate at any American airport. (KCI reports every bird strike, whereas some airports don’t.)


Miles of the longest direct flight out of KCI, Icelandair’s service to Reykjavik


Total cost to build the new terminal


Estimated total cost of the terminal after financing. Changing interest rates could affect this.


Months the new airport terminal will take to complete


Gates planned for new airport terminal, each of which will have a mosaic medallion salvaged from the floors of the current Terminal A


Combined square footage of Terminals B and C, the two terminals currently in service


Estimated square footage of new single terminal


Miles the current airport is from downtown


Miles the new airport is from downtown


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