Only true Kansas City bar connoisseurs will get at least 8/10 on this pub trivia quiz

How much do you know about Kansas City bars? After reading out Bar Guide issue this July, come back and take this quiz.

1. Opened in April of 2015, this bar’s name references the Konami Code, a cheat code that appears in many Konami video games and some non-Konami games.

2. This KCK bar prominently features a sign congratulating you, on behalf of its entire neighborhood, on avoiding the Power & Light District.

3. When you walk onto this local brewery’s patio, you’re greeted by a mural of an owl inspired by a Japanese brewery named Hitachino Nest. At what brewery can you find this mural?

4. This Westport favorite’s former owner painted all of the artwork in the main room, including a portrait of Frank Sinatra sitting in a bar from Guys and Dolls and an image of the A-bomb.

5. This bar’s name is derived from a 1983 Tom Waits album. Located in the boiler room of an old pie factory, the boiler found upon entrance is decommissioned from an old steamboat.

6. “Reportedly opened by Ethel Mae Wright, companion to a gentleman of means and questionable repute,” this grand lounge was opened shortly after Prohibition ended in 1935. In 2014, after nearly ten years of reconstruction, this KC treasure was ready to set sail once again.

7. What Kansas City jazz club is named after the uniquely colored species of Orions from Star Trek?

8. Local sci-fi writer Jon Lee Grafton’s book, The 18th Shadow, features a super-intelligent marine mammal named Joan, who inspired the name of this bar.

9. This Westport bar was formerly a Cadillac dealership, complete with a full-size car elevator.

10. Everyone knows the oldest building in the city is a bar and the oldest bar in the city is The Peanut, but what is Kansas City’s oldest continuously operated business with a liquor license?

Scroll down for answers…

Answers: 1. Up/Down. 2. Mockingbird Lounge. 3. Brewery Imperial. 4. Harry’s Bar and Tables 5. Swordfish Tom’s. 6. The Ship. 7. Green Lady Lounge. 8. Black Dolphin. 9. Westport Ale House. 10. Browne’s Irish Marketplace.

Max James is a well-known local DJ and the operator of Intelligence Check Trivia every Wednesday at Pawn & Pint and every Thursday at Westport Ale House.

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