Readers were split on our review of Gordon Ramsay Steak

Our January issue included a review of the new Gordon Ramsay Steak. The location at a Northland casino is the first outpost in the Midwest for the British chef, who made a personal appearance at the splashy opening weekend. Gordon Ramsay Steak has “as much razzle-dazzle as a Vegas showgirl,” including a custom-designed “steak trolley” displaying the raw cuts of beef that is wheeled from table to table, but “for what you’re paying, you don’t want the wow factor to end the second the meat cart gets shuffled off to impress the next guest,” wrote food critic Natalie Gallagher. “Unfortunately, much within Gordon Ramsay Steak feels like a slot machine spinning only to land on the bar.”

Gallagher’s review stirred up a lot of intense debate online, with some readers agreeing wholeheartedly while others defended Ramsay.

Here’s a taste of the conversation.

“The article was actually super informative, had a lot of positives and was saying that at the price point, it is hard to justify eating there if it isn’t the BEST steak. After reading that, I for sure want to get some cocktails and dessert.” — Camber York

“All I can say is if you’re going to call your restaurant Steak, in KC, you’d better bring it. Our group of five was underwhelmed by the steak (no seasoning) the lobster risotto (soooo salty) and mashed potatoes, (smooth but thin). Even the sticky toffee pudding was average because it was served room temp. If you want a good steak in KC, try Rye on the Plaza or Jess and Jim’s in Martin City.” — Nancy Farris Gillard

“It’s kind of funny when I put a post up about a restaurant I’ll get over five hundred comments and sometimes up to a thousand likes. I’m not a magazine critic getting paid to look for mistakes. So what’s that say? Very sad.  — Jasper Mirabile

“Everything was wonderful. The sides were great. Unfortunately, we had so much food that there was no room for dessert, but we will have a fabulous lunch today.”  — Marcy Stonefield Gaynes

“[The beef Wellington and the lobster risotto] were spot on, as was the toffee pudding cake! The wedge salad and the Caesar were complete disappointments, especially at fourteen dollars each. Sadly, I think most people will give this restaurant one try just for the novelty and probably not return. The casino is obviously loading the place with gamblers whose meals are comped. At some point, the mystic will fade, as will the restaurant.”  — John P. Goodman

“Food critics are like movie critics: They go in with these preconceived notions and prejudices, and they’re jaded. In other words, they’re ready to judge — not open. I would much rather listen to the majority of reviews from non-critics who have given it glowing reviews rather than one critic who went in determined to not like it.”  — Tonya Wariner

“Anniversary dinner, thirty-five years together. Very excited to visit Gordon Ramsay Steak. I ordered the chicken thigh. Received a Cornish game hen wing and breast. Orange zest was in the hollandaise over the asparagus, which was not explained on the menu. Not a good combo, by the way. Wait staff informed us not to order the Brussels sprouts. Mac and cheese was amazing, as well as the Wellington. Expected greatness but spent a great deal of money wasted. Go somewhere else.”  — Susan Heeren

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