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Olivia Margolis and Phone

Olivia Margolis is a fitness fiend. This classical-trained ballerina with a degree in ballet pedagogy is happiest when she’s helping people feel and move better. For all of us hoping to stick to our New Year’s resolutions to get into stellar shape, passionate Pilates instructor Margolis advises following the “5 Ps”: process, progress, patience, practice and persistence. This instructor also says your phone can be your friend in helping you achieve and maintain fitness, and she graciously let us take a look at hers.

Biggest time-suck app: ifunny

How many unread emails: None! I’m just a little OCD when it comes to my emails. They aren’t all answered, but they are all opened and organized.

Number of contacts: 122. I just recently moved to Kansas City, and I took the opportunity during the drive to cull my contacts.

Craziest place you’ve ever lost your phone: Inside a couch cushion, at a friend’s apartment. There was a hole in the cushion and somehow my phone found its way in.

Favorite entertainment app: I don’t have an entertainment app, but I habitually check my Google news feed, which I’ve customized with my favorite topics from fitness to celebrity gossip to politics.

Cities on Weather app: Gardner, Kansas; St. Charles, Illinois; Munich, Germany; Washington, D.C.

Most used emojis: 

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