Taylor Swift wears KC made baseball cap and demand reaches New Heights

An avalanche of orders for a KC made baseball cap came in as soon as Taylor Swift was spotted wearing it at the Coachella music festival.

After Swift was seen wearing a green baseball cap emblazoned with the words New Heights, the name of Travis and Jason Kelce’s podcast, at Coachella, Sandlot the hat’s exclusive maker has now been tasked with making thousands of baseball caps by hand over the next few weeks. Sandlots makes them for Homage, the official merchandise partner of the New Heights Podcast (based in Columbus, Ohio).

“The Taylor Swift effect is undeniable,” says Garret Prather, the vice president of strategic partnerships for Sandlot.

Sandlot is KC’s only local hat manufacturer and its partnership with Homage has proven to be a windfall. Within the first few hours of Swift wearing the hat, thousands had already been sold on the Webpage, Prather says.

Sales for the hat started skyrocketing April 15, after the singer had been spotted wearing it at the annual California desert music festival and images of her in the hat began circulating around the internet. The hat is now backordered until July and can be bought online at homage.com.

Sandlot takes raw materials and creates items such as bags and wallets at its Southwest Boulevard factory. Sandlot also has a retail location (11530 Ash Street, Leawood).

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