Looking for something to warm you up? Tea Market can help with that.

Photography by Zach Bauman.

Tea Market in Crestwood Shops, owned and operated by Stacie Robertson, is known for its assortment of more than 100 whole-leaf loose teas, each with its own set of soothing attributes and health benefits.

This writer’s pick for a cold day is Tea Market’s bestseller Sugar Cookie (formerly called Gingersnap). 

Sugar Cookie has all the feeling of a sweet treat without any of the carbs or sugar. Composed of South African rooibos blended with walnuts, almonds, coconut, papaya and pineapple, Sugar Cookie is described as fragrant and reminiscent of your favorite cookie. 

Not only that, but this herbal fruit spice blend is high in antioxidants and popular for its anti-aging properties. The shop sells teas by the ounce, and they can be bought both in-store and online. Unfamiliar with loose leaf teas? No problem: Tea Market has teaspoons, infusers and teapots to get you started, and their employees are full of advice. New teas are regularly added to the lineup, so when you visit, be sure to keep an eye out for their upcoming tea—Chiefs Dynastea.

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