The stories behind 16 of Kansas City’s most notable murals

There’s art everywhere in Kansas City. Here are the stories behind 16 special walls around town, some celebrating our history, others our sports triumphs and diversity.

Civic Pride!

Kansas City I’m So In Love

2010 McGee St., KCMO

Sitting on the edge of the Crossroads, painted on the Imagine That! building, this mural by Ruthie Ozonoff is a KC favorite. The blue and gray motif is reminiscent of the Royals colors, and the mural has been serving as the backdrop for countless engagement and couples photos for years.

Love Kansas City 

421 Southwest Blvd., KCMO

A super colorful, almost new-school contemporary style by graffiti artist “Scribe” Donald Ross, this wide-spanning mural shows central KC figures like Royals and Chiefs players and jazz musicians in a whimsical cartoon style.

Crafted in Kansas City

2626 Guinotte Ave., KCMO

Off the beaten path in the East Bottoms, Chris Foxworth’s simple painting on the side of the old Urban Provisions store serves as another perfect photo op for engagement or baby announcements.

The Maker 

2601 Madison Ave., KCMO

Designed by Made in KC’s in-house graphic designer, Grace Cantril, in collaboration with mural artist Rif Raf Giraffe and a handful of Kansas City’s most prominent makers, this hundred-plus-foot passion project serves as a tapestry-like colorful mosaic to celebrate all things Kansas City.


Raised Royal

4130 Pennsylvania Ave., KCMO

Located on the side of the Sweet Siam Thai Restaurant in Westport, this mural was the creation of the Carpenter Collective, a Kansas City-based design and branding studio led by partners Jessica and Tad Carpenter. It features simple, clean lettering and an ornery-looking baseball in a Royals crown taking a swing.

Raised Royal No. 1

Southwest Blvd. and 25th St., KCMO

The first of many Raised Royals designs throughout KC was designed by popular KC muralist Phil “Sike Style” Shafer, who first painted the mural inside Kauffman stadium in 2015. Now on display for all of KC, it features a simple design of Royals players in various positions such as swinging and pitching.

Raised Royal No. 3

421 Southwest Blvd., KCMO

Painted by “Scribe” D.Ross, this whimsical cartoon character dons Royals swag, including a banner listing the World Series Championship dates, and carries a tiny Slugger mascot in his hand.

Raised Royal No. 5

1523 Oak St., KCMO

Created by KC artist Lance Flores, the geometric pattern of blue and gold spans an entire building facade across the street from the iconic Kansas City Star building.

Ale House Chiefs Mural

4128 Broadway Blvd., KCMO

One of the most famous Chiefs-themed murals is the massive portrait by Sike Style Industries of Mahomes readying a pass. It’s on the side of Westport Ale House. 

Chiefs Kingdom mural at Tom’s Town Distilling Co.

1701 Main St., KCMO

Sike Style displays a colorful celebratory Chiefs mural on the side of KC’s own Tom’s Town Distillery, featuring some of KC’s legendary players from their 2020 Super Bowl win.

History, Politics, and Culture!


Café Corazón, 1721 Westport Road, KCMO

This stunning mural by Rodrigo Alvarez and Isaac Tapia is an homage to the passion and beauty of Latinx culture and community. The turquoise foreground on the left is the skyline

of Kansas City while the dark blue skyline behind it represents Mexico City, a blending of the two places and cultures. Frida Khalo sits as the focus of the image, surrounded by various countries’ national flowers.

Buck O’Neil Tribute Park

1832 The Paseo, KCMO

The murals by Alexander Austin feature late legendary KC baseball player and coach Buck O’Neil and other Monarchs players whose contributions to KC culture, sports and history are immeasurable.

Alexander Austin’s Power & Light Murals

1444 Grand Blvd., KCMO

After Alexander Austin’s massive eighteen thousand-square-foot piece that honors important local Black history, the Negro Leagues’ Monarchs and the Jazz District began to be covered by the construction of Two Light, Austin received the opportunity to do a second piece. His one hundred and seventy-five-foot mural honors the Negro League greats like Jackie Robinson.

Lewis and Clark 1804

Fifth St. and Wyandotte St., KCMO

Jose Faus, Alisha Gambino and Jesus Ortiz created this historical mural in 2004, the expedition’s bicentennial. Some artistic liberties were taken, but the scene evokes the sense of adventure and showcases some of the historical figures who explored and camped alongside the Missouri River.

Town of Kansas 1850

Third St. and Wyandotte St., KCMO

In a vivid, colorful tribute to Mexican folklórico dancing, this mural portrays various dancers in costumes from different Mexican states and also includes iconic Mexican imagery such as Day of the Dead skeletons.

Facing the Past, Looking to the Future: A Kansas Hmong Storycloth

751 Minnesota Ave., KCK

Faus and Gambino painted this mural after an embroidered Hmong story cloth pattern. Representing modern and traditional Hmong culture through mirror images of work, play and celebration, the designs are inspired by traditional patterns and colors found in the landscapes of Hmong villages. 

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