The Ultimate KC Quiche Now has Burnt Ends

Photography by Caleb Condit & Rebecca Norden.

André’s has been making quiche since 1955, and not originally by choice. “The concept that my grandparents came over here from Switzerland with was exclusively pastries and chocolates—1955 Kansas City was not ready for a shop that just did that,” says owner René Bollier. “They didn’t really understand what my grandfather was doing, what made it special, why it was so much more expensive.”

And so they added quiche. At André’s Confiserie Suisse (4929 W. 119th St., Overland Park, and 5018 Main St., KCMO), they’ve had quiche lorraine on the menu for close to seventy years.

This month, they’re branching out in collaboration with Q39, making a limited-edition quiche loosely modeled after the Pitmaster sandwich.

Photography by Caleb Condit & Rebecca Norden.

“Brisket is what I think of when I think of Q39,” Bollier says. “It’s some of the best brisket I’ve ever had, so I was really pushing to incorporate brisket into the quiche.”

The final recipe uses that brisket plus three other key ingredients from the Pitmaster: classic barbecue sauce, provolone and onions. They also added a few Calabrian peppers to the caramelized onions to add just a touch of mild heat. They put a bit of sauce and brisket on top of the quiche, which caramelizes in the oven much like the city’s famed burnt ends. 

“We’re always looking to do something outside the box,” says Q39’s executive chef Philip Thompson. “We don’t just want to be that quintessential barbecue joint, so we’re always looking to do something unique.”

A whole André’s Q39 BBQ Quiche is $35 and is available starting on October 1. Both locations will also have it available by the slice on October 1.

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