The vegan poutine at Pirate’s Bone Burgers is our latest obsession

The menu at Pirate’s Bone Burgers, Lydia Palma and Zaid Consuegra Sauza’s restaurant in the Crossroads, is built around the tried-and-true formula of burgers and fries. The twist is that it’s all vegan — even the poutine.

This iconic Canadian dish is usually composed of fries loaded with gravy and melty cheese curds. At the buzzy Crossroads vegan spot, it’s no different. House fries are tossed with salt and oregano and layered with a thick, rich onion gravy. Sauza swaps out the mozz for some extra-firm tofu seasoned with sea salt and nutritional yeast to give it a mild cheese flavor. Then, it’s flash-fried. “The main flavors come from the gravy, and the tofu adds a nice, subtle touch,” Sauza says. It’s as ooey-gooey as the original version.

GO: 2000 Main St., KCMO. Open 11 am-7 pm Wednesday-Friday and 11 am-3 pm Saturday-Sunday.

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