There’s a secret bowling alley in the basement of this Kansas City church

St. John’s Catholic Club

Ever want to heave a 14-pound bowling ball down a slick alley lane while drinking beer on church property? You can do just that by renting the six-lane alley at St. John’s Catholic Club in Strawberry Hill (414 Barnett Ave., Kansas City, Kan. 913-371-9690,

Located next to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, the club originally formed in 1922 beneath the church to serve the neighborhood’s predominantly Croatian community. The hall provided a meeting space for fellowship and recreation. The club is now housed in an adjacent two-story building equipped with a modest bar, and historic photos line the entryway. Rental of the hall supports the church’s mission.

The lanes have an automatic pinsetter, but the alley is otherwise old school. Bring your own snacks and cash for beer, then strap on some classic bowling shoes and track scores on paper

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