These 5 KC barbecue restaurants have the best french fries

French fries are the perfect barbecue companions: they’re like salty palate cleansers between the hunks of meat on your plate. Here are our favorites.

Joe’s KC

Everything you want in a French fry: thin enough to be crispy (without edging into shoestring territory) and dusted with a finger-licking seasoning blend with everything from brown sugar to paprika.

BB’s Lawnside BBQ

Hefty wedges are cut from the fattest russet potatoes, dredged in egg yolk and thoroughly coated in a seasoned flour batter. Despite their size, BB’s manages to cook them perfectly every time. We love the crunchy shell and fluffy center.


Thick-cut fries that recall the British chips you might find at the bottom of a fish basket: uneven rectangles fried just long enough to turn gold and finished with a light sprinkling of salt.

Hawg Jaw Cue & Brew

This North KC pit’s fries come loaded or basic. Loaded fries have cheese, jalapenos, sour cream, green onions and red peppers. The standard fries are medium-cut, crispy and served with a nice smoked ketchup. 

Big T’s

These classic fries perfectly complement your barbecue plate. They’re soft with just a whisper of salt.

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