This Crossroads florist shop brings back a ’70s trend

A floral trend dating from the ’80s is making its return in elegantly rustic sculptural arrangements. Homeowners and wedding-planning couples are decorating their spaces with versatile dried flower arrangements using the traditional flowers they’ve always loved — just dried instead of fresh-on-the-stem.

Crossroads flower studio The Cottage Rose composes elaborate dried flower arrangements that range from overhead creations and handheld bouquets to floral-decorated arches and vining
wall installations.

As a result of the drying process, flower colors turn into muted pinks, yellows and beiges — search #PampasGrass on Instagram — resulting in just-right autumnal color schemes. And if you’re itching for that green, fresh eucalyptus and ferns make great bouquet fillers.

For mother-daughter owners Ferrell and Marydee Richardson, the decision to play with dried flowers in their artful arrangements at The Cottage Rose was driven mostly by Ferrell Richardson’s “waste not” mindset. She says that dried flowers are popular with brides because they can be kept as a memento of their special day, and they’ll thrive
virtually carefree.

“They will pretty much stay exactly like that forever, as long as you don’t touch them or move them around a lot,” Ferrell Richardson says. She suggests displaying them in a place that isn’t a high-
traffic area.

GO: The Cottage Rose will offer floral arranging classes this winter. 217 W. 19th Terrace, Kansas City, Mo. 816-287-0361,

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