This Grandview ice cream shop closed unexpectedly last year. Now, it’s ready for a relaunch.

Photo Courtesy Of Truman General

After opening her breakfast and lunch spot Housewife at the end of 2021, Anna Sorge opened an ice cream shop less than a year later. It seemed like a natural fit. Her shop, Truman General, sat in the little blue house right next door to Housewife and Grandview’s Main Street desperately needed more locally owned businesses. But the timing wasn’t right and seven months later, the business closed. 

A year later and just in time for summer, Sorge recently took to social media to announce the relaunch of Truman General (809 Main St. Grandview, MO). The from-scratch ice cream shop and general store will reopen on June 10.

“When we first opened in October, we capitalized on Christmas and fall sales but then we obviously entered slower months,” says Sorge. Between staffing issues, trying to get the word out about the new business, four children and her husband having two major surgeries, Sorge says, “it felt like too much to handle, so I just pressed pause.”

While closed, Sorge used Truman General’s kitchen to fulfill Housewife’s catering. Now that the chef and business owner is back on solid ground and free to pursue her sweeter endeavors, she’s coming back with a revitalized sense of excitement and a back pocket full of exciting new flavors. 

Her shop’s most popular ice cream? The salted brown butter pecan.

“I make a brittle with whole pecans, maple syrup, brown sugar, butter, Maldon sea salt and vanilla,” says Sorge. “Then, I crunch it all up and fold it into the custard base. People just freak out over it.”

With the ice cream’s custard base made of egg yolks, you can’t go wrong with the seasonal, more traditional, offerings of mango and strawberry. But for the more adventurous folks, Sorge has the selection for you. 

“Right now I’m experimenting with a maple honey mustard ice cream folded with a maple pretzel crunch,” says Sorge. “It’s pretty ridiculous.” 

Truman General’s other menu items include soda floats (root beer, orange soda and black cherry soda) and affogatos. Regular business hours will be Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm.

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