Top Real Estate Agents 2022

Illustration by Makalah Hardy

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated many trends. Shortly after the coronavirus pandemic began, housing prices started to creep up as supply dwindled. Two years later, even with most parts of life are back to normal, the pandemic continues to ripple through the local housing market. The average price for a home sold in Kansas City increased by 10.2% to $310,479 last year according to the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors. Inventory is still a big issue: the number of sales was down 8.7% from 2020. Homes sold in an average of 22 days and for 99.6 percent of their initial asking prices. 

We are again recognizing the agents who make the market go. This list was made using sales figures provided by the agents or brokers.

For the regular Top Agents list, those who qualify are listed in alphabetical order. The top agents and teams in terms of volume are listed first under the platinum section –  their total volume is listed by their name, and they are listed in descending order based on their reported sales. 

The 2021 sales numbers:


– $10 million or more


– $20 million or more (platinum)

Teams of 2

 – $15 million or more

Teams of 2 

– $25 million or more (platinum)

Teams of 3 to 5 

– $30 million or more

Teams of 3 to 5 

– $50 million or more (platinum)

Teams of 6 to 10

 – $50 million or more

Teams of 6 to 10 

– $75 million or more (platinum)

Teams of 10+

 – $100 million or more

Teams of 10+ 

– $150 million or more (platinum)

Individual – Platinum

$20 million or more 

Peter Colpitts, $40,776,084

Andrea Wardell, $35,197,827

Lynne Matile, $32,737,831 

Miles Rost, $31,000,000

Jonas Barrish, $29,000,000

Sherri Hines, $27,377,950 

Linda Martin, $27,203,375

Murray Davis, $25,801,354 

Matt Kincaid, $23,775,000

Dale Hermreck, $23,433,819

Lisa Bunnell, $23,225,288

Ronda R. White, $22,684,215


$10 million or more

Tiffany Allen

Kara Anderson

Sharon Barry

Karen Baum

Penny Borel

Bryan Bechler

Rick Binkley

Jodi Brethhour

Robert Chadwick

Jamie Closson

Julie Connor

Michelle Cook

Brian Courtney

Rita Dickey

Sheri Dyer

Leslie Feeback

Nikie Jo Glasbrenner

Suzanne Golomski

Chris Grider

Natasha Helixon

Katie Heschmeyer

Jessica Jasa

Liz Jaeger

Melanie Johnson

Melissa Josenberger

Mary Carol Lienemann

Rob Matthews

Cathy Maxwell 

David Mombello

Sandy Murphy

Stephanie Murphy

Tricia Napper

Bettina O’Brien

Heather Philip

Susan Palmer

Aly Plunkett

Charlie Potchad

Rick Sanford

Rebekah Schaaf

David Slawson

Sara Stucker

Sonja Stoskopf

Sara Sweeney

Alicia Walsh

Debbie White

Alan Williams

Sherry Lynn Westhues

Gail Yancik

Alison Zimmerlin

Teams of Two – Platinum

$25 million or more

George Medina Team, $51,066,090

Teresa Hoffman/The Red Door Group, $44,308,844

Sara Bash Reda, $41,000,000

Tamra Trickey Team, $37,820,587

Dana Benjamin Team, $27,086,325

Kathleen Markham/True KC Team, $25,363,890

McClung & Associates, $20,711,285

Kirk Home & Land, $16,687,614

Team of Two

$15 million or more

Tim & Jana Allen

Amy+Mindy Homes & Lifestyle

Mark Brewer

Budke & Budke

The Fay Team

Shelia Hampton Team

Lola Kelly

Rossi-Zabielski Team

John Simone

Thome Team

The Transition Team

The Westhues Team

Teams of 3 to 5 – Platinum

$50 million or more

Ward Residential, $77,000,000

Brimacombe & Cohen, $65,800,000

Wardell & Holmes, $55,963,588

Wolfe~Sweeney & Courtney $51,798,217

The Small Real Estate Team, $51,440,513

Team of three to five

$30 million or more

Jeremy Applebaum

Discover KC

Anderson Dreiling Group

The Goldstein Team

Generations Real Estate

The Hayhow Group

The Hendrix Group

Long Real Estate Team

The Madden Myers Team

The Manning/Horn Team

Selling KC

Alison Rank Team

Richey Real Estate Group

Phil Summerson Group

Twyla Rist & Associates

The Van Noy Group

Teams of 6 to 10 – Platinum

$75 million or more

The Collective, $105,540,811 

Andy Blake Group, $96,271,610

Tradition Home Group, $80,001,675

The Susan Fate Real Estate Group, $77,415,771

Teams of 6 to 10 

$50 million or more

Jennifer Harvey Team

Moore Homes


Kathryn Thomas Team

Teams of 10+ Platinum

$150 million or more

The Rob Ellerman Team, $685,288,987

The Koehler Bortnick Team, $480,000,000

Malfer & Associates, $255,692,928

Edie Waters Network, $184,541,387

Rodrock & Associates, $153,070,042

Teams of 10+

$100 million or more

Malfer & Associates

Group O’Dell Real Estate

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