Totally redeemed! Local doggie daycare makes a ‘Dumb & Dumber’ inspired car

Photo courtesy of Woof's Play & Stay

We’ve seen a lot of creative ideas come out of Kansas City during the pandemic. However, not many of them are quite as memorable as a Honda Element completely covered in shag carpeting, sporting dog ears. 

Andy Wiltz, the owner of Kansas City’s Woof’s Play & Stay, and his father Dan are the innovative minds behind the “Woofsmobile.” The car, nicknamed the “Hoodle” (half Honda, half poodle), started as a fun weekend pandemic project for Andy and his dad.

“Nobody’s traveling, so no one’s boarding their dogs with us, and people are working from home, so we had a lot less daycare dogs,” Wiltz says. “I told myself, if I don’t find time to do it now, then I’m never going to do it.”

The mobile advertising creation was inspired by the Mutt Cutts van from Dumb and Dumber. It can be seen driving around the Kansas City area. 

“People are constantly taking pictures of it,” Wiltz says. “It’s always fun to watch kids’ reactions.”

The “Hoodle,” which has its own dedicated Instagram following, has helped make Woof’s Play & Stay a household name in the Kansas City area. 

“There’s been brand new customers who have said ‘Yeah, I saw your car driving around, so I had to come check you out,’” Wiltz says. 

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