The Faces of Holistic Dentistry & Tongue Tie Releases Craig & Timothy Herre, DDS Herre Holistic Dental KC

Herre Holistic Dental KC is a health-centered, third-generation family dental office that has been serving Johnson County since 1953. Their mission is to help you become the best version of yourself, and this starts with identifying the root cause of your concerns through whole-health screenings rather than just managing disease. The care at Herre Holistic Dental is driven by an airway-centered philosophy: Knowing how we breathe is critical to our overall health. Drs. Craig and Tim Herre remove mercury fillings in a safe manner and only use biocompatible materials. They specialize in treating patients with TMJ/jaw pain, sleep apnea and breathing disorders. Dr. Tim has a special focus on treating tongue ties in patients of all ages, early interceptive orthodontic treatment (jaw expansion) to help kids grow and breathe, and Invisalign. The Herre Holistic Dental team also has biologically trained dental hygienists and a certified Myofunctional Therapist, Kelly Bradshaw. Their team is dedicated to helping provide whole-health solutions for your whole family. Let them help you connect the dots between your oral health and your overall wellness!


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