How to enjoy Westport bars after age 30

Photo by Katie Currid

If you’ve graduated out of your twenties, you’ve probably got one day a week to get all your alcohol in. (The following day is for recovery; the rest give you reasons to drink.) The density of bars in Westport can help you make the most out of your Big Night Out—even if you’re too old for shots.

Start slow at Hi-Dive (1411 W. 39th St., KCMO), a casual neighborhood joint where local craft beers are on tap and mystery beer cans are $2.50. Down the street, the stylish Goat & Rabbit (1804 W. 39th St., KCMO) offers riffs on classic cocktails (yes, there’s a negroni—with Lillet Blanc).

Your ancient body will require sustenance if you’re going to keep this up, so head over to Westport Cafe and Bar (419 Westport Road, KCMO), easily the classiest restaurant the district has to offer. Chef and co-owner Romain Monnoyeur changes the French-leaning menu seasonally, but you can always count on the mussels and a golden pile of pomme frites. The French vibes continue at champagne bar Ça Va (4149 Pennsylvania Ave., KCMO), where the red-brick patio and long list of bubbles will have you feeling trés chic.

There always seems to be a crowd at Harry’s Bar and Tables (501 Westport Road, KCMO), and it’s always a varied one—because there’s something for everyone at this venerated watering hole. Belly up to the handsome wood bar or head out to the patio with whatever cocktail is calling to you. And if your tired old bones can make it to MiniBar (3810 Broadway Blvd., KCMO), this is where you can prove to yourself that you’re still cool enough to close down a bar at three in the morning, clutching a bottle of High Life in your wrinkled hand.

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