Local designer Whitney Manney wins Minority Creative Grant from Joann Fabrics

Photo by Samantha Levi

Local designer Whitney Manney’s start in fashion began when she was thirteen. “I used to grow out of things so often,” she says. “I’m six foot.” Known for her brightly hued streetwear, accessories and original patterns (she digitally designs her own fabrics), Manney’s namesake company was born in 2014. Manney was recently endowed five thousand dollars in Joann Fabrics gift cards by the craft store’s Minority Creative Grants program. On Manney’s shopping list is some new equipment for her studio such as sewing machines, along with basic supplies like needles and thread. But, she says her “mind changes every five seconds.” As for the national recognition, “It was amazing to be amplified and included on their social media channels,” she says.

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