Why Winter is the Best Time to Begin Laser Hair Removal Treatments

The swimsuits and shorts are put away, and the tans are starting to fade. Sweaters, coats, and scarves are out, and we’re getting bundled up for cold weather. Winter is here, and there’s no more worrying about underarm stubble or hairy legs—until next summer, anyway! 

Even though we’re not thinking about hitting the beach, this is the time of year to get a jump start on laser hair removal. Kansas City’s laser hair removal experts at Milan Laser Hair Removal know a thing or two about getting smooth, hair-free skin. We sat down with them to learn more about laser hair removal and why fall and winter are the best times to begin treatments. 

First of all, how does laser hair removal work? 

Laser hair removal destroys hair at the source. It delivers a laser pulse to the targeted area, and a controlled amount of heat safely and effectively damages the follicles, disrupting the growth cycle. 

With the correct technology, laser hair removal works on all skin tones. However, not all providers can safely treat every skin tone, so do your research. Milan Laser uses the Candela GentleMax Pro, which includes two lasers: the Nd: YAG for brown to black skin

tones and the Alexandrite for lighter skin tones. That way, Milan Laser can create tailored treatment plans for clients

Why doesn’t laser hair removal work for tanned skin? 

A laser targets the hair follicle because of the pigment present. But the laser can’t distinguish between pigment in the skin from a tan and pigment in the hair follicle. Tanned skin will absorb laser energy instead of the hair follicle and can burn or blister from the light absorption. The skin must be its natural tone to safely get optimal laser hair removal results. The same goes for self-tanner. 

Because most of us are outdoors in the summer months, it can be difficult to avoid a sun tan. But in the fall and winter, many aren’t outdoors as much and have limited sun exposure. Minimal sun exposure means successful laser hair removal treatments and better results! 

How much does laser hair removal cost? 

Some may not think laser hair removal is cost-effective, but it is! The average person who shaves their legs and underarms spends upwards of $10,000 over a lifetime on razors, shaving cream, exfoliants, and more. If you wax your bikini area, you’ll spend over $18,000 on a lifetime of salon appointments. 

On the flip side, laser hair removal is an investment rather than an expense. There’s no comparing a money pit with temporary results—shaving and waxing—to a one-time expense with permanent results. Milan Laser offers affordable laser hair removal payment plans to fit anyone’s monthly budget, plus unlimited treatments for life at no additional cost with their exclusive Unlimited Package™. 

How should I prepare for laser hair removal? 

As we said earlier, avoid sun exposure before laser hair removal treatments. Stay away from tanning beds or sunless tanner throughout your treatment, and make sure to apply

sunscreen or wear a cover-up when you’re outdoors. The treatment area needs to be clean-shaven, and at Milan Laser, we recommend shaving the day of or before your treatment for best results. You’ll also want to go in for treatments with clean skin — no makeup, lotion, deodorant, or perfume. 

Laser hair removal appointments are pretty quick, and there’s no downtime after, as opposed to painful waxing appointments. Best of all, your results after each treatment are permanent at Milan Laser. Most Milan clients are 95%+ hair-free in just seven to 10 treatments

If you’re ready to be always smooth and always ready, try laser hair removal! Call Milan Laser at 833-NO-RAZOR or go in for a FREE consultation. Visit a local laser hair removal expert at any of Milan Laser’s Kansas City locations in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, Olathe, and Overland Park

Learn more about laser hair removal in Kansas City.

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