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Review: Saltwell Farm Kitchen surprises in rural Douglas County

With the exception of olive oil, spices and a few cheeses, everything on the menu and in the kitchen at Saltwell is sourced from within six miles. (Concessions are made for select produce from their friends at Crum’s Heirlooms, located forty miles east in Bonner Springs, and occasional seafood overnighted from Fabulous Fish.) 

Photos: Chiefs vs. Jaguars on November 11

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday in a game that wasn’t as close as its 27-17 score suggested. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes continues to

10 local restaurants offering Thanksgiving meals

Whether you’re a weary traveler looking to dine out or you simply want to make your Thanksgiving feast stress-free, the following Kansas City restaurants offer dine-in and pick-up options to cater to your various Turkey Day needs.

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A Prairie Village woman disappeared without a trace in the summer of 2019.
Her husband told conflicting stories
and refused to talk to the police.
Now, her daughter wants answers.

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