4 places in Kansas City to get amazing sushi for cheap


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Grocery store sushi gets a bad rap. Purists will argue that no matter how fresh the ingredients are or how high quality the rice may be, pre-packaging and refrigerating the roll cause the rice to harden and separate—and the rice is half of the sushi experience. But I say: Stick that tray in the microwave for ten seconds—it’ll soften the rice. This is what I did with the California roll ($5.99 for ten pieces) from Hy-Vee, and you know what? It worked like a charm. And if you’re looking for sheer volume, Hy-Vee is the place to go: A 20-piece spicy California and tuna roll platter will set you back just $12.99.

Asian Buffet

511 N.W. Barry Road, KCMO

The words “sushi” and “buffet” don’t usually belong together, but there’s a place in the Northland that’s willing to give it a fair shot. In addition to the requisite crab rangoon, egg rolls, orange chicken and lo mein integral to any Chinese buffet, Asian Buffet also keeps a sushi chef on deck, who stocks trays with California, spicy crab, sweet crab, Philadelphia and cucumber-avocado rolls. Pile as many sushi pieces on your plate as you like—this is a buffet, after all. You’ll only be judged if you don’t wear stretchy pants. On weekdays, lunch is $8.75 and dinner is $10.95; on weekends, prices go up to $10.95 for lunch and $13.80 for dinner.

Sushi Uni

12841 W. 87th St. Parkway, Lenexa

I’m not sure why Sushi Uni charges so little for its maki rolls, which start at $3.50 for six pieces, or its sashimi and nigiri, which start at $3 for two pieces. It’s certainly nothing to do with the quality: I had an excellent roll with yellowtail and scallions for $4.95 and tilapia sashimi for $3. The tender avocado roll ($3.50)—something I usually find rather boring—almost stole the show. This Lenexa neighborhood shop fills up for lunch and dinner any day of the week, so get there early and don’t linger over those last bites—somebody wants your seat.

Kokoro Maki House

340 W. 75th St., KCMO

Kokoro’s spicy tuna roll is one of the few I’ve found that actually lives up to its name. At $7.25 for eight pieces, it’s not a bad price—but the best value is at lunch, where you can get two rolls for $9.95. Get the spicy tuna and try the Yum Yum roll (usually $7.95 for eight pieces) featuring spicy crab with cucumber and crunchy tempura.

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