A Special Section for the Season of Charity

With the traditional time for giving just around the corner, Kansas Citians are faced again with the annual question — which philanthropic cause is the worthiest and most urgent and makes the most sense to you, the donor? And which are the best stewards of donation, whether monetary or in-kind?

That’s where our first annual Give Kansas City special section comes in: It’s a new department allowing charitable organizations to share their missions with more than 120,000 print readers of Kansas City, in addition to our large online following.

In the section, you can learn about our award-winning nonprofit television station, KCPT, and what it is doing to improve life in our city. You’ll also read about Catholic Charities Education Foundation’s mission to provide quality education to school-age children in all parts of the city and Women’s Employment Network’s focus on bringing assistance to women entering the corporate world.

There’s no shortage of need in our community — need that can be addressed not just by writing a check, but with volunteer time, too. We made your job easier by laying out the options so you can support the cause that’s right for you.


Catholic Education Foundation

Catholic Education Foundation 

The Catholic Education Foundation believes that every child who seeks a high-quality, values-based, college-preparatory education should have that opportunity, regardless of the family’s financial circumstances. Click here to learn more about the organization.

12615 Parallel Parkway Kansas City, KS | 913.647.0383 | cefks.org 



Kansas City PBS 

KCPT PBS loves its neighbors. And from what they say, they’re pretty fond of KCPT, too. With support from 28,000 neighbors like you, the nonprofit is able to provide 35,000 hours of honest, enriching and entertaining content. Click here to learn more about the organization.

Facebook: @KCPT19 | Twitter: @KCPT | Instagram: @KCPT

125 E 31st St Kansas City, MO | (816) 756-3580 | kcpt.org



KVC Health Systems 

KVC Health Systems, a nonprofit organization that began in Kansas City, Kansas, nearly 50 years ago and today is headquartered in Olathe, works daily to help these children and families. Click here to learn more about the organization.

21350 W 153rd St Olathe, KS | 913.322.4900 | kvc.org



The Global Orphan Project 

Serving kids in Kansas City and around the world The Global Orphan Project is a community. Setting traditional orphan care models aside, it’s connecting a global family united by a shared vision to care for vulnerable children and prevent child abandonment. Click here to learn more about the organization.

3161 Wyandotte St. Kansas City, MO | 816.536.8333 | goproject.org


Women's Employment Network

Women’s Employment Network (WEN) 

To help women raise their self-esteem and achieve economic independence through sustained employment. Click here to learn more about the organization.

920 Main St, Suite 100 Kansas City, MO | 816.822.8083 | kcwen.org



Junior League of Wyandotte and Johnson Counties 

JLWJC is committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Click here to learn more about the organization.

9300 W 87th St Overland Park, KS | 913.371.2303 | jlwjc.org


Great Plains SPCA

Great Plains SPCA

Great Plains SPCA is Kansas City’s most unique and comprehensive no-kill animal welfare organization serving more than 35,000 needy pets annually — more than any other agency in the area. Click here to learn more about the organization.

5424 Antioch Drive Merriam, KS | 913.831.7722 | greatplainsspca.org


Dream Factory of Greater Kansas City Logo

The Dream Factory of Greater Kansas City

Its mission is to grant dreams to children ages 3 to 18 with chronic or critical illnesses. Click here to learn more about the organization.

P.O. Box 26185 Overland Park, KS | 913.905.2900 | kcdream.org

Unicorn Theatre Logo

Unicorn Theatre

Unicorn Theatre enhances the Kansas City community by developing and producing high-quality, thought-provoking plays that have never been seen in the region. Click here to learn more about the organization.

3828 Main St Kansas City, MO | 816.531.7529 | unicorntheatre.org 


Braden's Hope for Childhood Cancer Logo

Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer

The organization raises awareness and funds for research studies of targeted therapies that shut down the activators of childhood cancers. So far, Braden’s Hope has awarded over $3.1 million in grants for research studies at Children’s Mercy Hospital and KU Medical Center. Click here to learn more about the organization.

15954 Murlen #124 Olathe, KS 66062 | bradenshope.org

Central Exchange Logo

Central Exchange

Since 1980, Central Exchange has created a community for women leaders in Kansas City. Powerful leadership programs, engaging networking and meaningful relationships equip the organization’s 850-plus members to achieve their full potential. Click here to learn more about the organization.

1020 Central St, Suite 100 Kansas City, MO | 816.471.7560 | CentralExchange.org


Cedar Lake Village Logo

Cedar Lake Village 

Cedar Lake Village, a not-for-profit senior living community for people ages 55 and up, is respected for the quality of services provided and often selected because it is located on the same campus as Olathe Medical Center and offers short-term services, long-term care and hospice services. Click here to learn more about the organization.

15325 S Lone Elm Rd Olathe, KS | 913.780.9916 | cedarlakevillagekc.org


The Whole Person

The Whole Person

The Whole Person serves over 2,000 people living with disabilities in the community through one or more of its programs. Click here to learn more about the organization.

3710 Main St Kansas City, MO | 816.627.2220 | thewholeperson.org


Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Logo

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Through a national network of community foundations, the GKCCF can advise you about charities all over the country and around the world and stay on top of best practices so that you can be the one to make a difference. Click here to learn more about the organization.

1055 Broadway Blvd., Suite 130 Kansas City, MO 64105 | 866.719.7886 |  growyourgiving.org


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