A Westport gym has gone viral thanks to this very good boy

With 2020 comes New Year’s resolutions and jam-packed gyms.

And a viral pooch out of Westport is making us want to sign a gym contract right now.

Views on a video posted by The Foundation Westport are fervidly rising — 1.9 million and counting — thanks to a lovable pudgy bulldog.

The pup, Gus, snuggling up inside his owner’s shirt mid-core workout.

The video has a climbing 1.8 million views on Facebook. According to Gus’ Instagram page, Gus is the “Official Mascot” of The Foundation Westport and his feed is full of videos and pictures of him trotting around the gym and even using a dog-friendly treadmill.

Matt Karstetter and his wife, Alexis, moved to Kansas City eight months ago and opened The Foundation Westport at the end of 2019.

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