Advantages of CBD Oil for Weight Loss and Obesity

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The therapeutic benefits of Cannabidiol, or CBD, are making it popular all around the world. It is derived from the cannabis or hemp plant. CBD is able to bind with the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system and modulates different body activities. It is not a psychoactive compound and is beneficial for alleviating many health problems like stress, anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy etc. CBD oil is made by diluting the CBD extract with carrier oil.

Recent studies show that CBD oil may actually help with obesity and weight loss. Obesity is a medical condition that occurs due to excessive amounts of fat in the body. Research says that, by 2019, around 37% of adults and 17% of children in the United States were obese.  Obesity or being overweight can lead to many diseases. Since CBD is beneficial in the treatment of many health problems, scientists are interested in looking at the effect of CBD oil on obesity.

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CBD Oil For Obesity

A recent study conducted by the University of Reading compared the effect of three different cannabinoids, including CBD, on reducing obesity. The study found that CBD was able to reduce the food consumption in rats. Another study found that CBD can regulate the expression of genes and proteins that are involved in causing obesity.

CBD has the power to inhibit the activity of the key proteins that are involved in the generation of fat cells and lipogenesis. It stimulates the breakdown of body fat by promoting the conversion of white adipose tissue to brown adipose tissue. CBD boosts the activity of mitochondria in the cells and helps the body to burn more calories. It can also decrease the formation of new fat cells.

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CBD Lowers Lipogenesis

Lipogenesis is a metabolic process where the acetyl-CoA, a metabolic intermediate, gets converted into triglycerides for the storage of fat. Sometimes during a positive energy balance, the excess energy gets stored in the adipose tissue as fats, which can lead to obesity. Recent studies show that anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help in limiting excess lipogenesis and thereby preventing obesity.

CBD Promotes Fat Burn

Fat deposition in the adipose tissue occurs when the calorie intake is high and metabolic rate is low. Regular consumption of high-carb and high-fat foods can cause the accumulation of excess fat in the adipose tissue and it may lead to obesity. Therefore, excess fat must be burned regularly. CBD is able to increase the metabolic rate in the body that helps in the breakdown of excess body fat.

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