American Shaman’s Medspa & Clinic combines CBD with traditional medspa treatments

Photography by Natalea Bonjour

When CBD American Shaman founder Vince Sanders scouted a spot in Leawood for his envisioned medspa clinic, it wasn’t much. “It was empty,” he says. “Gravel floors, no plumbing, no electrical. That strip mall has been there twenty years, but nobody ever built out that spot.”

The massive local CBD company—they recently sent Russia its first batch of CBD ever—is constantly pushing into new spaces, sometimes unexpected ones. Sanders’ vision was to create a full-service spot where someone could get Botox, control migraines—and stock up on the company’s CBD.

“American health care is to fix [your body] when it’s broken,” Sanders says. “It makes more sense to me to maintain it just like you would a car, right? You change your oil. And we’re trying to do everything as naturally-based as humanly possible.”

He enlisted the help of the Kapurs, a husband-wife duo that specializes in aesthetics and medicine. Khyati Kapur, a physician’s assistant who has twenty years of experience in the medical field, says she’s always been drawn to aesthetics and shifted into the space a few years ago.

“With aesthetics, it doesn’t matter how many years of experience someone has,” she says. “There’s always new stuff that comes out. There’s always new things to learn and to keep up with and new techniques. That’s the best part about this field—it’s an evolving space.”

At the American Shaman clinic, Khyati is primarily an injector and does fillers, hormone replacement therapy, micro needling and platelet-rich plasma—a regenerative treatment that can help with joint pain, hair loss and scarring.

Khyati herself is a champion of CBD. “I am a big believer that CBD is right for a lot of people,” she says. “I’m a big believer in it for sleep. Sleep is a huge component of how hormones are shifted.” Khyati also often uses American Shaman topical CBD products on patients to soothe injection site pain.

Khyati’s husband, Dr. Rahul Kapur, is a physician who will join the clinic soon. He’ll use his expertise in creating IV bags for patients.

“He’s been able to create IV bags that have helped post-cancer patients get nutrition they need,” Khyati says. “He creates these protocols and researches and just has this robust knowledge in this space.”

Sanders and Khyati say that a possible future addition to the medspa is ketamine-assisted therapy, which is said to help with PTSD, depression and anxiety and is becoming a rising trend of therapy in Kansas City. Sanders also adds that yoga and psychology could make it on the medspa’s menu soon.

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“We’re here trying to keep your body in balance or homeostasis, the way it was designed in nature,” he says.

GO: CBD American Shaman Medspa & Clinic. 11709 Roe Ave., Suite B, Leawood. 913-400-3166

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