Ask The Expert: Roses Ammon Vice President of Staffing Kansas City

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As Vice President, Roses handles the Sales and Marketing for Staffing Kansas City. She works with clients to determine their needs and how to best fill those needs. Marketing the brand is simple when everyone involved is striving for a win-win-win. Staffing Kansas City is an independently owned, WBE certified employment agency. Ammon works with small to mid-sized companies and their office support teams to determine their hiring needs and the best strategy to fill them.

At Staffing Kansas City, through the recruiting process, experienced recruiters interview, reference check and skill test candidates for each of our clients’ specific hiring needs. Clients choose direct hire, contract-to-hire, or contract placement services. They are confident in Staffing Kansas City’s replacement guarantee offered with a direct hire or contract-to-hire. A team of hands-on owners and powerhouse recruiters, along with a desire to help top companies and top talent find each other, has led to a track record of more than 20 years of successful client partnerships. In many cases, Staffing Kansas City has identified and placed candidates who became long-time employees and are now hiring managers themselves.

Q: Is there one ‘key’ attribute or trait you look for when recruiting?

A: While experience may be top of mind, moving forward, soft skills, or people skills, will be important to focus on because it seems change is the only constant.

Overnight, we discovered different ways of working and living that were new to many of us. While by no means perfect, collectively businesses and employees found new ways to get work done amid stay-at-home orders. Earlier this year, few of us would have thought any of this possible.

What was impossible to see in the moment and in the long days of isolation was that throughout this time, change was happening on many levels. Each person was making emotional and mental changes that have in part prepared them for the next steps forward.

As we begin to contemplate the next level of change as businesses make plans to return and bring employees slowly back into offices, many of us are considering what this next level of personal and professional reinvention might look like. While everyone has a guess and opinions on the “right” way to do things are abundant, it is likely this too will have its own phases and adjustments.

What is clear is that throughout this process, employers and employees alike will need to bring with them a full line-up of soft skills. This includes communication skills, leadership, critical thinking, teamwork, work ethic and a positive attitude. However, flexibility and adaptability is top of the list. The hard skills likely have not lost their edge, but in new situations, soft skills, or people skills, are especially critical to help navigate the unknown.

While some will be excited to begin this new chapter and will embrace the reinvention required, others will be apprehensive. As we collectively navigate the new challenges and scenarios think of and cultivate these soft skills as the ultimate tools for reinvention personally and professionally.

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