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Simple and sustainable are the words we’re seeing used most this year in the world of floral design. 

Pantone set the tone for muted, luxurious design by naming Peach Fuzz the 2024 Color of the Year, and floral experts are following suit, with many dubbing this the “year of simplicity.” 

Inspiration for floral designs and flower choices this year stems from a more natural feel, with botanics found in gardens and nature. It’s no surprise: Many trends—in fashion, home and garden—have been heading toward forward-thinking approaches to sustainability. This means people are opting for plants found locally instead of shipped from faraway places, dried plants or species that require less water and overall maintenance.

With spring around the corner and Valentine’s Day here, floral designers are emphasizing the importance of choosing sustainable and seasonal florals.

This means focusing on local and regional flowers when choosing a bouquet to usher in spring or an arrangement for that special someone (or yourself). This season has also seen greenery taking center stage over more colorful flowers, with various textures used in tandem with greenery, like seed pods or craspedia (also known as “Billy buttons”). 

This “eclectic garden” aesthetic for early spring features more natural shades like dark green, brown, yellow, burgundy and salmon while making the contrasting textures of the various plants the focus rather than bright artificially colored flowers. 

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