Bruu Cafe’s creme brulee bubble milk tea takes it up a level

The noughties are back, baby. While artisan cupcakes, flip phones and Von Dutch trucker hats remain consigned to oblivion, Juicy Couture trackies and bubble tea are shooting up like GameStop stock. On the Plaza, new bubble tea shop Bruú Café is taking the trending beverage up a level. Owner Bay Vanithbuncha’s stylish shop makes fresh boba every four hours, dumping any leftover tapioca pearls, and customizes levels of sweetness, boba color and ice level. Some of the more elaborate house creations like the Milk Tea Creme Brulee (brown sugar bubbles, housemade creme brulee sauce, cream and caramelized sugar topping) and a strawberry marble latte with rainbow bubbles are dripping with both color and flavor—a drink you’ll snap a selfie with before slurping up every last little orb.

GO: Bruú Café. 4709 Central St., KCMO.

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