Ça Va, Westport’s French wine bar, has become the city’s most intimate jazz club

Ca Va in downtown Kansas City
Photography by Caleb Condit & Rebecca Norden.

Ça Va, a calm and inviting space in the hubbub of Old Westport, is one of the area’s most intimate jazz venues. The club is warmly lit with European, tavern-style seating that invokes intimacy and encourages camaraderie between patrons. 

Ça Va is a wine bar with a curated champagne selection. If you like bubbles, you can find a variety of sparkling wines sold by the glass or bottle here, with plenty of opportunities to splurge.

The seasonally rotating food menu is limited but boasts an array of locally sourced options, including caviar service. If caviar isn’t your thing, opt for a platter of locally sourced hams or cheeses, or perhaps the French classic, a croque monsieur—or for the vegetarian, a croque forestier.

But the offerings at Ça Va go beyond food and drink. It’s also quickly becoming one of my favorite spots to see live jazz in town.

Every Thursday evening from 9 to 11, this Westport wine bar transforms into an intimate jazz club featuring some of the best and most innovative artists on the scene on a monthly rotation of artists-in-residence. Recent residencies include saxophonist Adam Larson, trombonist Marcus Lewis, and keyboardist Eddie Moore—all are always backed by a top-notch band. Ça Va is the only venue remaining in Westport that consistently has live jazz. 

On a recent visit to Ça Va, I went to listen to Eddie Moore, joined by Peter Schlamb on vibraphone and Zach Morrow on drums. Between the bar and a handful of tables, thirty people will fill up the space. Since there’s no real stage here, you may find yourself up close and personal with the live music, as I did, nestled in the back of the room. It isn’t uncommon for fellow musicians in the audience to sit in with the band. On this evening, rapper Kadesh Flow joined the trio for some impromptu freestyling. Ça Va is where genres, cultures and flavors collide. 

Nearly a century ago in the Jazz Age, most of the coolest spots in KC had live jazz, and Ça Va maintains this standard. The restaurant is part of a trend of hip jazz venues, spearheaded by Corvino Supper Club, that encourages and amplifies innovative and outside-the-box artists. Venues like these aid in propelling the local scene forward, giving artists space and a platform to both preserve and evolve this great American art form for generations to come.

Reservations are highly recommended.  

GO: Thursdays from 9-11 p.m., Ça Va, 4149 Pennsylvania St., KCMO

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