Café Corazón now serving Latin cocktails, happy hour includes tamales and empanadas 

Cocktails at Café Corazón's Crossroads location / Photo Taken By Megan Porras

Café Corazón has traditionally served a Latin-inspired menu full of yerba mate, café Cubanos, café de olla, cortados and more. While the Westport location (1721 Westport Rd. KCMO) menu will stay the same, the Crossroads coffeeshop (110 Southwest Blvd. KCMO) has officially welcomed boozy sips to their drink menu including cocktails and Latin-owned beers and wine. 

The sangria has a touch of Mexican coke and instead of the usual bloody Mary, customers can indulge in a bloody Maria made with tequila, chamoy and tajin. The Drunken Samba Limeade is a boozy take on a traditional sweet Brazilian limeade but creamier and with the Colombian spirit of aguardiente. Seasonal cocktails include a watermelon mint mojito and paloma.

All cocktails can be ordered in a glass or a pitcher. 

The family-owned café chose spirits, wines and beers that “aligned the closest with [the coffeeshop’s] ethics” and “[reflected] Café Corazón’s spirit of highlighting Latin and Indigenous flavors.”

“We wanted to highlight some lovely liquors that are out of the norm for the average drinker and have them accessible to try at a decent price point versus placing the liquors on lofty pedestals that both liquor and coffee get put on,” says owner Miel Castagna-Herrera. 


Unique selections like Can de la Calle, the first premium artisanal agave wine (and woman-owned), and TRÄ KÁL, a spirit made from native berries and herbs, can be added to any coffee drink or soda. 

Beers include local Latin American Ales are from KC’s first Hispanic beer company Rizoma.

To top it off, the café’s happy hour consists of a tamale and beer combo for $6 or wine and empanadas for $11. 

Happy hour is from 3PM – 6PM Monday through Friday.

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