Courtney Servaes is pushing beer boundaries in Shawnee

If there’s a way to get noticed in Kansas City’s exploding beer scene, making a rainbow sherbet-flavored sour is it.

Courtney Servaes, owner and brewer of Servaes Brewing, credits her wife with the idea of a raspberry-lemon-lime-orange-flavored sour witbier. Although wary of trying to blend so many flavors — especially when adding vanilla in true rainbow sherbet style — Servaes pulled it off. She let patrons test the beer at the Kansas City Nanobrew Festival, where it was a huge hit.

“I didn’t realize how important that beer was,” she says. “We had people come up to us constantly asking when we were going to brew it again, what festival they could get it at.”

Servaes pulled the name Like Butterflies from the lyrics of her favorite Pearl Jam song, “Even Flow”: “Thoughts arrive like butterflies. He don’t know, so he chases them away. Someday yet he’ll begin his life again.” It was the perfect metaphor for the start of her company’s life.

The rainbow sherbet beer is a delicious blend of tart fruit that seamlessly transitions into a smooth vanilla finish, just like that nostalgic ice cream cone you would have at the pool as a kid.

The base recipe for Like Butterflies is set and on the docket for this summer are variants flavored to taste like Mai Tai and Cherry Limeade.

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