This Lake Winnebago home is the perfect getaway

Photography by Laurie Kilgore

Of all of interior designer Maureen Lindstrom’s projects, this one holds a particularly special place in her heart—because it’s a family affair.

This exquisite Lake Winnebago home, designed by Lindstrom of ML Designs for her sister, Ellen Clune, sits on Lake Winnebago. Every aspect of the house exudes lake vibes, from the subtle blue hues printed and painted throughout the home to the durable fabrics and kid- and pet-friendly spaces. And since this is a vacation home, the duo had all the more reason to go all-out.

“We aimed for each space to be unique and have its own statement, whether it’s a bold piece of artwork, wallpaper or a vibrant color,” says Lindstrom, who opened her Overland Park design firm about five years ago. Regardless of what was to come, she made sure that the home started with a neutral base. “If we’re working with a home featuring lots of color and pattern, we typically keep the walls and trim in white, providing a clean backdrop to incorporate pops of color and pattern.”

See how Lindstrom transformed this Lake Winnebago home into a bold lakeside oasis.

Primary Bedroom
Photography by Laurie Kilgore

An orange wainscot accent wall in the primary bedroom was a departure from Lindstrom’s usual color palette. “Orange is one of the hardest colors to nail,” she says. “Designers often have tried-and-true navy, light blue and green, but not many have tried-and-true orange.” But, alas, Lindstrom trusted the process and ended up with a striking accent wall.

The orange also inspired playful accents in the bedroom, including koi fish and lilypad artwork, kaleidoscopic floral textiles and a geometric-pattern navy carpet.

Bunk Room
Photography by Laurie Kilgore

The kids sleep in this room, and since it’s not an everyday bedroom for them, Lindstrom opted for exciting colors and patterns reminiscent of a jungle. Tropic floral wallpaper against the forest green double bunk bed creates an adventurous and fun ambiance, making lake house stays extra inviting for the kiddos.

Kitchen Countertops
Photography by Laurie Kilgore

Durability is key in this lakeside home, right down to the countertops. A creamy crystal quartzite adorns the kitchen counters, waterfalls down the island and continues as a backsplash. “It has a beautiful translucency to it,” Lindstrom says. “You can almost see through it in certain spots.”

Dog-Friendly Spaces
Photography by Laurie Kilgore

The family’s two golden retrievers have designated spaces in this home, including a built-in kennel and a rosy tiled dog wash. Lindstrom also used performance fabrics around the home that are capable of withstanding moisture from damp dog paws and swimsuits.

Light Fixtures

In addition to bold patterns and colors, ML Designs prides itself on incorporating striking light fixtures into homes. “We’re kind of go-big-or-go-home when it comes to lighting,” Lindstrom says. “Often, people choose fixtures that are too small for a space. We prefer an oversized look—something that will stand out.”

In this home, she made sure that all light fixtures subtly matched, as multiple chandeliers are visible from various vantage points. “They all possess uniqueness but also share a soft, rounded shape,” Lindstrom says. Some of her favorite fixtures? The kitchen’s gold-plated, artichoke-shaped shades that add loads of interest and dimension to the kitchen. 

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