Engagement Rings Styles of 2021

Engagement ring trends are making a major shift in 2021. That’s not surprising, considering how 2020 turned out. That said, these new trends are important to know for anyone making an engagement ring purchase this year.

However, each bride is different, so we’ve matched each trend with a different type of bride. Which one describes you best? Check below to learn which ring design suits your style best. Let’s get started!

For the Classic Bride

There’s just something about tradition that draws in brides. Perhaps its popularity comes down to beauty, sophistication, and elegance, all of which the classic bride embodies. 

If you’re leaning toward a classic wedding and aesthetic, an engagement ring designed with tradition in mind can help set the tone. 

Start with a solitaire setting in an eye-catching color, such as 14k yellow or white gold. Top it off with the diamond shape of your choice. However, we should note that round engagement rings are by far the most popular choice for a timeless look.

For the Trendy Bride

The trendy bride knows what is “in” and has even started a few trends herself. She’s daring and not afraid to take a style risk. Trendy brides want an engagement ring that is currently in-style and won’t go out of style any time soon. For this reason, it’s best to opt for a ring that combines the traditional and the adventurous. 

A pavé or solitaire setting is a perfect choice. When paired with yellow gold, each of these settings brings a unique touch of beauty to an engagement ring. That said, the oval-shaped diamond will be the star of the show. A large face, unique shape, and brilliant-cut are enough to create an engagement ring that will stay in style for decades to come. 

For the Vintage Bride

What makes the vintage bride unique is her ability to breathe new life into old pieces. Vintage-loving brides take their inspiration from the times past. They know that age is just a number, but beauty is truly timeless. 

Vintage brides, in particular, favor the color and geometric designs of the Art Deco era. For this engagement ring, we’ll seek to recreate some aspects of those designs by starting with a stand-out setting, such as a three-stone or bezel setting. A geometric center stone such as an emerald-cut or radiant-cut stone will seal the deal on this gorgeous Art-Deco engagement ring.

For the Minimalist Bride

For the minimalist bride, it’s essential to keep things simple. Seriously. She’s one to appreciate the beauty in the little things and doesn’t need or want a massive flashy stone. 

A delicate, thin band will do the trick here. Nothing too bulky. Set as the center stone, an east-to-west facing oval diamond will give the ring a touch of distinction without being over-the-top. For the truly minimalist at heart — opt for a thin band with no center stone. 

For the Bling Bride

The bling bride knows that fancy sometimes translates to “Go big, or go home.” So, she goes big. Always. Whether it’s big parties, bold outfits, or a shiny new car, the bling bride wants an engagement ring that reflects her life motto, so it’s crucial to go all out. 

Start with a 2-carat or larger fancy-shaped lab-grown diamond (just because you’re going big doesn’t mean you have to break the bank!). Opt for shapes that make the stone appear larger, such as the emerald or oval shapes. Underscore the visual impact of the stone by buying a halo setting to maximize its size.

Finding the right on-trend ring can be challenging. Luckily, the ever-changing nature of engagement ring trends means that there’s usually something for everyone!

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